Recap: Protecting Your Own in Queen Sugar’s “Your Passages Have Been Paid”

Charley receives a visit from two detectives looking for Micah to discuss the Sweetbay Plantation fire. | Photo credit: Photo by Skip Bolen © 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Courtesy of OWN.
Charley listening to Frances. | Courtesy of OWN
Frances telling Charley about being the “good daughter” in the family. | Courtesy of OWN
Ralph Angel, Darla, Darlene, and their lawyers meet with the judge. | Courtesy of OWN
Darla and Darlene talk. | Courtesy of OWN
Charley consoles an emotional Micah. | Courtesy of OWN
  • Aunt Vi’s business being featured on Wake Up NOLA sweet departure from the heaviness of the episode. Her light is shining but as she’s interviewed about her perseverance, she stirs clear of mentioning her lupus diagnosis.
  • It felt necessary for Nova to bring reality to her nephew’s often romanticized version of her as an activist and her imperfection including her past as a weed dealer. She reveals that it was her weed that got Too Sweet arrested.
  • Nova encourages Micah and his friends to help Ant from the outside to prevent any more of them being locked up. Ant’s mother is suspicious that they weren’t involved since they’re so intertwined with one another. This saga is long from over.
  • Davis (Timon Kyle Durrett) returning served an unexpected purpose as he has caused so much hurt to Micah and Charley. Their talk was a way for Davis to own up to his behavior but holding up to be better than him and to have another hard conversation about Micah’s experiences. We see how important it is for Micah to feel empowered rather than the victim. Like Nova, Davis urges him to not make a bad situation worse.
  • That awkward hug between Charley and Davis spoke a thousand words.
  • Nova reuniting with Too Sweet since he was mentioned a few episodes back was full circle. He glows as he’s now successful in school and working in the library. She tells him the truth about her being involved in his arrest which is why she was hell bent on getting him released in season one. Instead of being angry, he’s understanding and reminds her that she was there when he needed her the most which counts. His return was the key to her opening up about her story in her book.



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Ashley Gail Terrell

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