Recap: True Colors Emerge in Queen Sugar’s “The Tree And The Stone Were One”

Ralph Angel receives custody paperwork from Darla. | Photo credit: Photo by Skip Bolen © 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Courtesy of OWN.
Jacob and Charley. | Courtesy of OWN
Nova tells Charley the truth. | Courtesy of OWN
Charley watching Remy drive off. | Courtesy of OWN
  • Just as quickly as Ralph Angel and Trinh started to be more than “work friends” they quickly hit a snag. The weight of his baggage may be too much to begin a relationship.
  • I’m happy to see that Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) got her wish by finally having her pie shop and that Rawlings still wants to support her dream but is still concerned about her health. I thought it was a small yet sincere moment to moment between her and Hollywood about his dreams.
  • The mention of how Too Sweet (the teenager Nova helped in season 1) is positively progressing since departing the show was a nice moment to revisit as Nova is greeted by his mother at a community party.
  • I knew deep in my shondo (as well as many viewers I’ve tweeted with) that Micah would soon get into some mess. Micah and his friends’ protest plan to vandalize a plantation tour site by spray painting the names of slaves in memoriam turned for the worst as one of them left a backpack full of spray cans next to a candle which started a fire. Luckily, they escaped before getting caught but all of them are visibly shaken and we know if Charley finds out Micah is back in private school in a heartbeat. When keeping it real goes wrong.
  • Nova’s gets a video call from her book editor revealing that The New Yorker is now interested in publishing her chapter on her father’s depression to build anticipation for her upcoming book. With two days to complete it the pressure is on but a satisfying high for her.



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Ashley Gail Terrell

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